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Adefunke Ogunnusi: She Said – Why We Will Not Date You

You know zero about packaging.

Yes, we know that a disproportion between Ikpekere and plantain chips is packaging. Ehn appreciate we unequivocally many atigbo (we have heard). We like it like that, and we still buy a 50 Naira plantain chips instead of a 10 Naira Ikpekere that Iya Risika fries in her behind yard. If we hear we contend we are a solid in a severe ehn . Trim your beard, get a haircut, brush your teeth, and wear garments that fit for great out loud. If we don’t have a conform sense, a white shirt and black fit has never sent anyone to jail.

It is unequivocally vitriolic when “not so excellent boys” contend things like it is not about tall, dim and handsome. Nobody asked we to be tall, dim and handsome, after all we are a multiple of genes. “Ha, lay down there let breathe be wearing you. Let all a excellent guys be collecting all a babes”.

Summary: Looking good is not about wearing engineer labels. It is about looking put – together. It is loyal that we competence be a solid in a severe though afterwards do a basis and stop intrigue yourself.

All we know is packaging
Bros Queen’s English is not a currency. If we like pronounce English until glow is entrance out of your mouth na we sabi. Don’t lay down and spin all this imagination ideas into genuine life activity sogbo (Have we heard?). Look, people are creation income or creation skeleton to make money. Surulere is ok for a certain series of years though John will go to propagandize o – a good private propagandize for that matter and a principal will not listen to English.

Summary: Some guys only know how to pronounce about a future. My dear a destiny starts from today. You are looking for a pursuit and nonetheless we can't request for a job. You can't pronounce to your uncle who competence be means to assistance since we don’t wish him to demeanour during we anyhow. You wish to live in Lekki though a initial Friday after we get we income we go bar furloughed and spend all your income on booze.

Your Reputation
I don’t know about other babes’ o though this one means a lot to me. You wish me to marry we and a initial thing that comes to people minds is ritualist, thief, womanizer, cultist…
All a income in a universe can't buy a good name. Some people have gotten rare favours for a good names that they bear. Please, we take God desire we don’t spoil your name and come and force me to bear it.

You are mannerless and irresponsible
You are abounding ehn ehn and so what? Will we be a initial chairman to have money? How many is this income sef? When we go out we can't even tell a waiter ‘thank you’. You expostulate like a goofy on a road.
At home nobody can pronounce to you. You pronounce to your relatives anyhow. When did we turn age friends with them? You are so insane we don’t take caring of your parents.
So since we have changed out of a residence we can’t take out one Saturday in dual months to make certain a generator is operative and there is food for your relatives to eat abi?

Even if your relatives have all a income in a universe it is your shortcoming to during slightest check adult on them. Nawa o.
Note on manners – You see a excellent lady and all of a remarkable your eyes are only relocating around and we can’t even remember a final thing we said. All of a remarkable we are checking your mirrors to see either there is an okada pushing beside you. Are we for real? In fact no serve criticism on this one.
Summary: Character trumps coming any day.

Eating Habits
Do we unequivocally have to have a heaviest dish on your plate? Let’s even contend that we are even eating indoors ‘ ok do we have to eat with all your 10 fingers? (remain tiny na to use 10 toes join am)
Asides from a unequivocally vitriolic volume of food some guys eat, a many vitriolic is a assertive demeanour in that they puncture into a food. Will we die if we ate a small slower and finished no sound while during it? After we are finished eating, does your image have to demeanour like a Tsunami happened?
Plus, we can learn how to use a flare and blade on a internet. Did we know that?

You consider we lift church on my head
Can we stop sanctimonious like we are spiritual? Why do we wish to fake to be some else to get my attention? There are so many women out there that like we a approach we are. Please can we go to them with evident alacrity?
I asked a certain lady who his favourite impression in a Bible and he pronounced Moses. we scarcely fell off my feet. Moses that did not lead a children of Israel into a guarantee land. Are we a joker? The law is Moses can be your favourite impression in a Bible , though as we got to review my Bible a bit some-more we started to ask God to yield an Aaron for my brief comings. When we contend ‘Moses’ and we ask because and we contend ‘I only like him’…ehn ehn ehn.

The bottom line is that no one is ideal though if we act, dress, pronounce like we will not select yourself, greatfully tell me because we should select you. You competence not be a cutest or a tallest or a finest, though during slightest have a celebrity and let me be means to demeanour over my shoulder and contend to myself – You go girl, we got a excellent male not a excellent boy.

Photo Credit: Dreamstime | Bryan Creely



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