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Akpabio Charges Parents on Mathematics Education

The mother of Akwa Ibom State Governor, Mrs. Ekaette Unoma Akpabio, has emphasized a need for relatives to be some-more committed to a preparation of their children, by enlivening them to persevere time to studying, generally a English denunciation and Mathematics.

Mrs Akpabio, who done a call during a display of a book “Key Revision Guide, IGSCE Mathematics” during a British International School, Lekki in Lagos, reminded relatives that they have a large purpose to play in ensuring sound and qualitative preparation of their children.

Represented by a mother of a State Commissioner for Information and Communications, Mrs Maureen Umanah, a First Lady while describing a book as student-friendly,  applauded a author, Mr. Oseibhi Okosodo, who is a arithmetic clergyman during a British International School, for his passion and skill in essay a book.

Noting that a British International School was “doing educationally and implicitly well”, she suggested relatives opposite withdrawal a charge of ensuring their children’s educational contentment for teachers alone.

“At home, when a children protest about some subjects, generally Mathematics, we should be there to inspire and beam them”. She said.

Mrs Akpabio  enjoined Mr. Okosodo to also write Mathematics textbooks for children underneath 10, as a approach of laying a plain substructure for them during a early age and donated N500, 000, in support of a project.

The book, “Key Revision Guide, IGSCE” that is dictated to assistance students swell with palliate by IGCSE Mathematics, as good as give them good support for IGCSE Additional mathematics, was reviewed by a Post Graduate Mathematics Coordinator, in a Department of Mathematics, Lagos State University, Professor Michael O. Ajetunmobi.

It has transparent explanations and proofs of significance results, rider for all synopsis content, and work examples, display Mathematical techniques and contains British International School rider exercises, including past questions, transparent and obvious diagrams, tables and illustrations.

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