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Amy Nwoku: My Life IS a Business

I was recently concerned in a business devise and had to do a satisfactory share of a business logistics. After it all, we knew that we would never enviousness bankers or business managers.
Setting adult a successful business is some-more than a lot of work and thinking. The keyword there being “more”.

During a planning,there is no room for mistake – as each wrong figure in your business devise is a certain indicator of failure. Then a doing of a devise starts and once again,there is no room for any kind of trip since it could chuck your business off balance. Your business starts correct and a business bottom is established. Now we have to put on your meditative top and lane boots to safeguard that we keep your business happy, attract some-more and stay forward of your competition. That, to me, is a judgment of business in a nutshell.

Years ago in delegate propagandize when we was introduced to Economics, Mr Onwuzurike my teacher,always referred to us as commodities. Now, we have to change that term. Humans are not only commodities; we are all businesses walking around. we am a business name:  Amy You competence be a business named John or Ore, Ada, Ahmed etc.

A organisation of people called ‘parents’, designed us and implemented us by giving birth to us. Aided by other groups such as ‘friends’ and ‘teachers’,they invested in us so that we can make a right life choices that are a customers. These life choices embody a career choices,characters,habits,attitudes and even relationships.

When we realised this,I knew that there had to be a few changes in my life. As a business, we was innate to attain and not to fail. There is no room for any wrong figure or slip. we have to always consider of what is best for me as a business, my investors and even my workers who could be pronounced to paint my body.

I need a right character,habits and relations in sequence to succeed. we do not need a few clients to get by, though we need a vast and confident business bottom in sequence to make outrageous profits.

I need to always be during a right place always since a business is all about location, plcae and location. Every business has a arise deteriorate and a low waves season. Therefore, we don’t need to be unhappy when sales revoke during severe times in my life. The arise deteriorate is only a few months ahead. Sometimes,good businesses fail. Yet,they arise again after some things have been altered and new ideas are birthed and implemented.

Some might disagree that they were not designed by their parents, though they have to remember that this star is a bizarre one. Every business has a luck of succeeding. Some open businesses only for a fun of it; some since they see others opening; and some open only since they have a means to…so because not? Others only come by their businesses when hobbies only spin into businesses. All of these have a bent to attain if nutured and if a business thought is truly a good one. Ideas do sell themselves. Among these groups of random businesses are those ones whose owners felt they could not go on and sole or gave them away. These given a small bit of assistance or lots of assistance depending,are also able of succeeding.

Whatever kind of business we are or whatever arrange of start we have, only know that we can attain too. Remember that sometimes,businesses give bonuses and do pro bono work. You do not always have to spin in a profit. Also,businesses flower by inter-business relationships. Look out for businesses that would offer smashing symbiotic packages. Do bear in mind too that a small business could be only as successful as a vast conglomerate. Some successful businesses are not famous outward their indicate of sales locale. Whatever works best for we is only fine.

All that was a outcome of my introspection some days ago. Do we determine with me? Are we prepared to start branch in increase in your life? we wish we all a best in your life/business.

Photo Credit: Dreamstime | Olga Bogatyrenko

Amy Nwoku is both a medic and a writer. Born and bred in Umuahia,a city where everybody knows everybody;she aims to learn and enthuse a universe with her practice and those of a people in her world. For now,more of her works can be found on her facebook page,www.facebook.com/Amy4me.



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