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Babajide Awoyinfa: Should Celebrities Flaunt their Wealth on Social Media?

In annoy of a controversies compared with a output, amicable media has continued to be a undoubted height of choice for celebrities to atmosphere their views.

Due to a burgeoning inlet of a Nigerian party industry, many celebrities now have a financial ability to acquire state-of the-art vehicles, homes, embark on trips to outlandish places, and all these are customarily uploaded on amicable media.

Social media has turn a height of choice for a nation’s celebrities to vaunt their resources on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

Internet users, who frequently roller by a pages of amicable media platforms and blogs, get to see a approach celebrities flourish their new found wealth, that gives them a fake clarity of how celebrities should control themselves.

The materialisation has left from a typical to a bizarre, where some of a celebrities arrangement wads of cash, or even upload showering shots taken in their Jacuzzis on amicable media.

The regularity of a trend has not usually captivated fans of these celebrities to a opposite websites, though it has also highlighted a potential of amicable media.

Adelaja Temitope, a member of a National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), suggested that she frequently browsed by a amicable media networks for luminary gossip, and saw zero wrong with celebrities flash their element security and wealth.

“It creates amicable media really engaging and it inspires immature positive-minded individuals. It does not have to be all about hatred and beef.

“People are removing spooky over a oppulance of celebrities; they wish to be like them thereby doing lots of crazy stuff.

“Celebrities should live their life to a fullest, do a unimaginable, do crazy stuffs like once in a while and don’t try to be perfect.

“Don’t forget, we are still going to die one day and what are we going to be remembered for?

“Please celebs keep on arrangement off. It creates a universe go round,’’ she said.

On a other hand, Paul Okorie, a businessman, was of a perspective that celebrities should be assuage in their activities on amicable media.

“The approach celebs annoy on amicable media is not required during times.

“They emanate a wrong clarity about themselves, and when people go to them for assistance and get disappointed, they see them as stingy.

“Everybody has a right to spend his/her money, generally when they worked tough for it. we don’t consider it is anybody’s business though a law should be told.

“Why would they go all out to stir their fans on such media?’’

Okorie finished anxiety to an instance when Davido posted a design on amicable media, in that he was holding bundles of dollar bills.

“I adore Davido though this opinion is so childish, so weird. Please Davido, grow up; we contingency not duplicate rabble from people next your status.

“You need to set standards for your ever-growing status. Talk and act classy. Have people we demeanour adult to both in impression and dress sense.”

A eminent film writer and critic, Charles Novia, also delved into a growth on his blog that he patrician “Flaunting it, Faking it’’.

He voiced his annoy during a trend and combined that those that are likely to such goings-on are doing so from a wrong premise, generally over a fact that their cinema could not make them as rich as they were portraying themselves to be.

“Those musicians and actors who rivet in such frivolities and deluding themselves on amicable media with this flash breakthrough are not being loyal to themselves.

“The party attention is a sect village and a statistics of income are not hidden.

“You contingency be a day-dreamer, generally when we try to surprise a open that we bought a residence or a solid watch.

“Is it from a singing and prancing on theatre they finished a so called millions in an attention where CD sales are dropping?

“Or that we bought some residence in Ikoyi only by being an unwed actress, when we all know how most an actor is paid for a purpose is stretching a story a bit too far,’’ he said.

In annoy of a malediction from Novia, he concluded that that some of a celebrities competence be honestly “wealthy’’ though still had his doubts on a flawlessness of a resources they arrangement on amicable media.

“Granted, these artistes competence have other legitimate sources of income though such sources are immaterial in turnover.

“One day, really soon, those rich untrustworthy barons and pimps regulating a artistes in a attention as cannon provender competence only pierce to another area of interest.

“And don’t get me wrong, how people make their income is wholly their possess business.

“What we am pissed about is a deception; a whole stinking deception.

“These artistes are hoodwinking a open that they finished their income by their art when there is some-more to it.

“Others that are not in a party zone make income by these same avenues these artistes use, though they don’t come out cheering about it as such,’’ he wrote.

Speaking on a distracted emanate Sidney Esiri, popularly famous as “Dr Sid,” records that there is zero wrong with celebrities flash their resources on amicable media.

“I strongly trust there is zero wrong with a celebrities arrangement off their resources since it’s a prerogative of their tough work.

“I know some of we will disagree that unfamiliar celebrities uncover off their resources and we are happy to associate with such, because not a possess celebrities.

“This kind of enlightenment is also excusable here only like in a U.K. and in a U.S. though not entirely excusable in Africa.

“It’s only that, all we do in life should be finished in moderation

“When one’s tough work starts to compensate off with success, one should sojourn common and cautious. It’s not all garments we dry in a sun.



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