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BOMBSHELL!! Do we know Peter Okoye’s mother was molested by a Pastor?

Lola, who now has dual children for Peter, common her touching knowledge to inspire immature ladies during a recently hold Kinabuti Dare2Dream Project in Lagos.

According to her, she was molested when she was in high propagandize – by a clergyman – and for a longest time she blamed herself and kept still about it since she did not consider anybody will trust her. She couldn’t even go to her family to speak about it…

“You shouldn’t let your past establish what your destiny will be, we all have a past either good or bad or creates us unhappy, we all had a life that we lived that we are not happy about, we shouldn’t let it worry we from succeeding.

When we was a immature lady in my early teenagers in high school, we was molested by a universal priest, i blamed myself, i didn’t tell anyone since i was ashamed, couldn’t tell anyone cos i felt everybody would censure me, so i carried on a shame and sourness with me for years. we was filled with hatred and i became a indignant person, i was rebellious, i didn’t wish to listen to anybody…and since i wanted to be diminished from propagandize to equivocate saying this person, i would do so many terrible things, all around me was only so negative, i felt i wasn’t good enough….

Anyway i changed on to a university, met a adore of my life and i’m like, fine this male is cool, he loves me…and afterwards he started to abuse me….i was beaten black and blue all a time, in front of friends, in open and during a indicate i felt, we know what we am not estimable enough, there is zero about me that is nice, nobody loves me. But i hid this from my family….i felt like a loser..so it was tough for me to focus..so one day i woke adult and pronounced i am going to change my story and i dumped that person, concentration on my preparation and motionless to be critical and be something….i motionless to get a pursuit and go to propagandize full time in America…

I worked hard…my relatives were promulgation me income cos we didn’t tell them i was operative yet i was operative since i wanted to be independent…I didn’t wish to count on any male or on my relatives even yet they would have finished anything for me…so i did all sorts of job, i was a make adult artiste, i worked in a cafe, propagandize library, i did so many things and i didn’t realize that these jobs were building me adult as a person, building my resume, my confidence….people began to like me since i was adding value to their lives….at work i was glorious and so was i in propagandize and that built me as a clever woman…and during some point, i sought conversing to get over my seduction issues where i was done to see reasons because i wasn’t during error cos i was a child then…today we am accomplished.

You can be whatever lady we wish to be yet we have to trust in yourself, if they reject we today, it doesn’t meant we should let your dreams die, we have something singular about you.



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