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Busola Adedire: Bobo Nice & Miss Good Girl

The parable ‘Nice guys finish last’ is one we can't categorically contend where it has originated from, though it is everywhere (If in doubt, google is your friend… Thank me later). Personally, we reckon this parable is a series one reason some group provide women with small or no honour since multitude says women like ‘the bad child swag’, so we have to act like we caring though not too much, we have to come off as unattainable, so they can keep chasing after you. Speaking for myself, we do not wish a male we am going to chase… we are not a goat!

Every now and then, we consternation where all these phonetic manners come from. The other day my crony Dami was around and we got into this low review about good (nice) girls. My crony swears by a book ‘Why group adore bitches’ – that it has worked wonders in her life.

I have not review a pronounced book, but, we have listened some flattering engaging reports about it. What is it afterwards about a good lady that turns group off? Looking during both sides of a story, we resolved it is a elemental smirch of ‘lack of confidence’. Nobody teaches these things, though after traffic with one too many unserious people, some introspection should start to take place. CONFIDENCE is attractive, CONFIDENCE is beautiful, and with it, we can make anything demeanour good (even a brownish-red paper bag).

I can't pronounce most for good guys, though we can really pronounce for women who have dealt with/ or are now traffic with a outcome of bad choices. The problem women are faced with currently is that multitude says pleasing is all we need to be to obstacle we ‘the ideal guy’ hence a miss of temperament and certainty among many. Beauty can get we a pass, though certain won’t keep we there… Beauty can make we a trophy, though doesn’t pledge we honour and happiness, and even trophies, gets dusty. Physical beauty is inexpensive and replaceable, certainty isn’t and that is what creates we YOU.

For good girls and good guys alike, a usually reason they are held in a cycle of amatory a clearly ‘unattainable’ is a disturb of a chase. It is a quest, a plea and we wish to be an difference to a rule. we don’t know how a story ends with good guys, though there is never a ‘happily ever after’ with bad boys. At some point, we have to find people who adore a approach we do. Let a bad child find himself a bad girl, and you, a good girl, find yourself a good guy. In an ideal world, this is not a tough judgment to grasp. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world. Women adore to repair everything, and many destroy to know that we can't repair a damaged man. You are not GOD. Accept existence for what it is!

And for a good male who is still vital in a crony zone, BOUNDARIES my brother! Human beings generally, do not conclude things that come by too easily, and for this reason everybody should have a bravery to conclude their limits. Don’t be a male she’s articulate to about her crushes, exes and all sorts, we have to pull a line. If we wish her, go for it… further if we are scared, keep it cold though don’t be used.

I have learnt in relations that handling your emotions and expectations is KEY. Don’t design too most from anybody, and don’t give anyone a shortcoming of creation YOU happy. Though we dislike diversion personification and romantic manipulations, though we need to honestly caring for yourself to equivocate tortuous over and retrograde for people. Nobody likes a people pleaser. Discover your identity, and find an corner to your personality. This way, capitulation seeking and validation becomes of small or no seductiveness to you, and egoism will turn your best friend.



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