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Dakore Egbuson-Akande: When we am out All Day and we Return Home we Still Have to be a Mum and a Wife

Nollywood singer Dakore Egbuson-Akande is one lady in a film attention who has always confirmed a change of her work and her family.

In an talk with Sunday Punch, she talks extensively about how she has been means to conduct her home and her career after being divided from a attention for a series of years (and flourishing rumours that she had quit a film world).

She also opens adult about her family and how she met her husband, Olu Akande – son of Ibadan-born billionaire, Chief Harry Akande. She refutes reports that she married for resources or that her matrimony was a reason she was absent from a film scene.

Read excerpts from her talk below:

On entrance behind to a film industry: Yes, we have been off a shade for a few years now, though we am gradually operative my approach back. It is not easy to be divided from work and everybody knows; though when we are behind to work it is still tough for everybody to know. That is partly my error since we have not postulated interviews – we am unequivocally heedful of a press and my difference have been taken out of context. we have been bustling operative on several things including operative with a United Nations.

On balancing work and family: It is intensely difficult, we do not know how women make it occur though somehow we make it happen. we usually take it one day during a time and try not to be too stressed. we learnt to devise forward and that is a usually way. we have a good support network in my nanny, silent and my father since infrequently when we am not benefaction with a kids, we have to make certain there is someone efficient to do that. It is tough since when i am out all day and i lapse home i still have to be a silent and a wife. we am grateful that there is some-more definition to my life as against to when we was singular and in a movies.

On assembly her husband: We met in Lagos. we usually relocated from London and he usually returned from Chicago. We got articulate since he wanted me to benefaction a radio show. we did not get a pursuit though we did get a dude. It was work-related though we found out we connected. We were friends for a while before we started dating. Then, we was not out for a date. we favourite him for his certainty and he gave me my space too. He was a genuine lady and well-spoken. When it was time for a engagement, we knew it would happen, though we did not know when. we knew what it was like to make a mistake since my relatives were not together and we indispensable to be sure. we was career driven though not driven about marriage.

On a proposal: The offer was unequivocally nice. He got down on his knees and due and people were emotional. Shortly after that we got married. We had Ayomide, a initial daughter who is now three, and Dasola who is 10 months aged now.

On being married and a celebrity: Celebrity marriages are not different. The usually reason is that people are looking during you. The hurdles are a same though are amplified in luminary marriages. That puts a lot of vigour on a union. The initial thing is to marry your friend. You have to marry for a right reason. we married for love; someone we am totally in astonishment of and respect. It is difficult, though when we have God, there is a change that cones with it. It is fun and challenging. It is easy to get undone though people need to remember their vows.

To review her full talk check out Sunday Punch!



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