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Dear LIB readers: My aunt’s father won’t leave me alone

From a womanlike LIB reader

I’m 18 years old, I’m vital with my aunt. Recently, we notice a way
my aunt’s father looks during me, like he gives me this demeanour that always
make me feel worried even when we demeanour divided and demeanour behind he still
does it. Whenever we are alone in a vital room, he starts seeking me
questions that we don’t design him to ask me. For example, “Do we have a
boyfriend?” “I unequivocally wish us to be close, like we always wish we to be
honest with me when we talk” and am like, “Is he unequivocally critical right
now”. At times when I’m upstairs in my room, he calls me to come
downstairs stay with him, so that we can talk

At finish of a day, he
goes on in wanting to know all we do, who calls me, who hangs
out with me, if we have a boyfriend, we generally try to equivocate the
conversation with him.

The other time when we was examination a movie on my
laptop and was lying down on a cot in a vital room, he came in
and started touching me on a legs as he was asking me what film we was
watching, we told him, but he still kept touching me on a legs and the
next thing, we felt his hands on my laps,  I didn’t know what to do, I
was looking for a bravery to tell him to get his hands off me, yet it
wasn’t there. Then we got worried and left a vital room.

time we was in a kitchen eating cucumber, he came in and asked me to
give him, yet i told him that I’ve already put in my mouth, and he said
he doesn’t mind, yet i told him no and left, ever given afterwards i created
an opinion of hatred towards him, i respond angrily to him and omit him
at times, he even beheld it, yet didn’t contend anything. Rather he went to
my Aunt and was stating me, observant bad things to her about him that i
never did to him, he even went forward to tell her about a Cucumber
incident, yet this time around, he disfigured a whole situation, saying
that i was yelling during him and told him to get out! that i won’t give him
my cucumber, he didn’t even contend a partial of me putting in my mouth

My aunt confronted me about it and i pronounced to her that i thought
he was joking when he asked me for a cucumber and i motionless to joke
back during him by revelation him that i won’t give him (But i never pronounced the
part that i already had a cucumber in my mouth) Initially, that was
what happened, it was a fun all together, yet he wanted to get to me,
since i decided start ignoring him. My aunt yelled during me and i didn’t
find it funny, it finished me hatred him some-more and he could see it and my aunt
also attest to that.  Another emanate we had was a time i put gas into
one of his cars to use for my pushing lessons, he knew that i used my
money in putting a gas in a car, and he motionless to use a automobile and
ended adult regulating all a gas, so My hermit told me he was a one who
used adult all a gas, i went to him and told him kindly that he used up
the gas i put in his car, and i was going to use it for my driving
lessons, he started  behaving like he doesn’t even know what i was talking
about, afterwards my aunt walked in and he started cheering observant that i was
asking him to compensate for a gas he used in his possess car, i got insane and

My aunt called me again seeking me why i confronted him without
telling her, observant that i have no right to ask him to payback for the
gas he used, that it’s his car, and i should never confront him, i
should come and tell her, that what i did was so dis-respectful She also
said that a approach i confront him during times always creates her consternation if i
hate him, that what gives  me a insolence to confront him like that,
but she doesn’t even know it’s since of what happened between us,
when he overwhelmed me and also how he pronounced he wanted us to be close. i left
her and kept seeking myself how was my movement dis-respectful, i usually ask
him to compensate me behind a gas he used.   now a bigger problem went
on today, one of his cousin came to stay with us, she routinely goes to
work in a morning, and it’s his pursuit to be dropping her off each time,
but during times my hermit drops her off when he drops me off to school. i
was roughly removing prepared for school, and i told my hermit i was done,
the lady was indeed sleeping  when i was revelation my hermit i was
ready to go to school, yet she overheard us and came out observant that her
brother(My aunt’s husband) wasn’t around, that she didn’t know i was
going to propagandize currently that i should greatfully wait for her let her get
ready, so that my possess hermit could dump us all off, so i told her fine
i”ll wait for her, even yet i was unequivocally late to go to propagandize and it’s
h an hour expostulate to my school.

Patiently watchful for her, my aunt’s
husband came behind immediately, i greeted him and i was happy that he
came back, during slightest he will dump his sister off, i ran upstairs to tell
her that her hermit was behind and he will be a one dropping her off
since she’s still in a showering and can’t wait anymore, immediately, my
aunt’s father was downstairs, and he listened me when i was articulate to his
sister, he started cheering saying, what do i even meant that he will be
the one dropping her off, that he only came behind this and that, so i
said kindly to him, that i know yet i’m late for school, my category has
already started as i’m articulate to u right now, he replied observant that he
doesn’t caring if my category has stared that it’s zero of his business,
that his sister whose pursuit starts like in a subsequent 2 hours contingency follow us
and i and my hermit should wait for her. i got mad, yet i didn’t say
anything it was my hermit who started cheering observant that he is not
waiting for anybody and i was late for school, revelation him if i’m
waiting for her, it’s cave business and I’ll go to propagandize late, my
aunt’s father still cheering and yelling, i came downstairs observant that
i won’t wait and i don’t caring too. When my aunt came behind he told her
everything observant that i indignant him, by observant “i don’t caring too” and
am like we were a one who started cheering unnecessarily when you’re
not suspect to shout, observant we don’t caring if i go late to school, he
never denying observant that to my aunt, yet indignant me many clod that my
aunt abandoned what he pronounced and was some-more focused on a respond i gave to
him, that i never pronounced in his face, she was shouting, they were both
shouting during me, my aunt started observant that she doesn’t know since i
hate him, she came adult with gas and cucumber occurrence again, she just
painted me black in front of him  creation me feel like it’s my fault, my
aunt’s father pronounced that he if ever insult him again, i’ll leave his
house. So i got insane and told my aunty everything, that he overwhelmed me! he
wanted a cucumber in my mouth! he wants us to be close!, afterwards when i
looked during him, his jaw was forsaken he couldn’t trust i’ll say
something like that. My aunt’s face changed, she started seeking me what
really happened and i told her everything, she now pronounced no wonder! that
she always consternation since i hatred him, she started seeking her husband, the
idiot did not repudiate touching me rather he called it a witty touch,
saying things like can’t he fun with me, and i replied observant by
touching me on a legs is now a joke, my aunt didn’t find the
allegation that i was accusing her husband, she even asked me to come
and denote how he was touching on her possess body, i refused, he said,
oh! we see” she doesn’t wish to, so i got indignant and went over to my
aunt to report a touch, she asked me what i wearing that day, i told
her i wearing a short, she asked me if it was an trusting or sexual
touch, i didn’t even know what to contend to her again, during a otherhand her
husband was cheering observant if it was like that i”l leave their house,
he got indignant and left a house, my aunt now pronounced to me, i should tell
her accurately what happened and i did, she finished adult final that if
it’s like that i’ll leave their house, since there is no approach i and her
husband will never be in assent together, even if i pronounced it was
an innocent touch, am  wrong for trying to use that opposite him because
of how he pronounced i indignant him, on a other palm if it was sexual, then
am withdrawal their residence to equivocate difficulty between them. i pronounced zero to
her, yet she has resolved her mind that am withdrawal their house, she
told i should go to bed tomorrow
morning we will speak about it again, i unequivocally don’t know what to do or
even who to speak about it with,  i unequivocally need help, please!



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