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DOWNLOAD: L37 – Season Of Love (The EP)

A gathering of 7 songs, a EP demonstrate a joys, sentiments, memories and emotions that a deteriorate holds.

This star-studded plan facilities over 20 artistes including Pryse, Loose Kaynon, Nosa, Ruby, Chee, Koker, Isaac Geralds, Onyii, Dice Ailes, DJ Lambo, Hench, Eclipse, Makiller, I-Jay and a horde of others.
L37′s low-pitched luminosity is brought to a front as he remarkably orchestrates and leads this low-pitched adventure, formulating a physique of work that is monumental and beautifully done.

The 7 marks take we on a journey: any strain expressing one facet of a Christmas season; any strain consistent in with a others to communicate a underlying message: a many critical present we have is any other.

Music produced, mixed, and mastered by L37, Beatzfact, G-Plus, Teddy Banks, VStix for Loopy/LampHouse.

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