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Gunman Storms Café in Australia & Holds 15 Hostage | Police Kill Him, 2 Captives Die

A gunman allegedly stormed a café in executive Sydney, Australia, early this morning and has been holding as many as 15 people warrant for over 12 hours.

According to Dailymail UK, a play began maturation when a gunman entered a cafe, located in one of busiest plazas in Sydney’s executive business district, and pulled a shotgun from a blue lift bag and infirm a doors to a business.

Soon afterwards, a hostages were reportedly seen with their hands pulpy opposite a windows holding adult a Islamic Shahada flag.

The Islamic Shahada dwindle is described as an button of nonconformist organisation Jabhat al-Nusra now fighting a Assad supervision in Syria.

Policemen are now on a stage and 5 captives have managed to shun by a glow shun and side door.

Hostage-Situation-Sydney-Australia-December-2014-BellaNaija001 Hostage-Situation-Sydney-Australia-December-2014-BellaNaija002 Hostage-Situation-Sydney-Australia-December-2014-BellaNaija003

Journalist, Chris Reason, has been tweeting about a situation.










Our thoughts go out to a hostages and we wish everybody gets out safely.

Also on Twitter, a hashtag #IllRideWithYou has started trending in a bid to support Muslims vital in Australia and disjoin them from a warrant situation.


The warrant taker has been identified as Man Haron Monis, a contentious Muslim cleric, CNN reports. He was killed after Australian special army infantry and military stormed a cafe. Two hostages have been reliable dead.

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Mark Metcalfe



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