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How we met & fell inlove! Timi Dakolo & Wife share their extraordinary adore story

Timi Dakolo and mother Busola have been married given 2012..With 3 kids, their kinship keeps waxing stronger and are seen everywhere together.In a new talk with Punch, they share their extraordinary adore story
How did we accommodate any other?

We met during a House on a Rock church. we was not acid then, though simply minding my possess businesswhen we speckled her. we was station behind a choristers on a lectern when we sighted this excellent girl. we went to pronounce to her by seeking her since she was sullen in church. we remember saying, ‘Hi, my name is Timi Dakolo,’ and she said, ‘and so?’ You would not trust that she gave me a feign series and we started acid for her any Sunday until we finally held adult with her and challenged her for giving me a wrong number. It was my propitious day since that was how we started talking. This was in 2010.


I gave him my genuine phone series though he suspicion it was a wrong one. Unfortunately, my phone got blank that day. After service, he followed us in a automobile to know where we was staying and after on, he kept entrance to a house.

Why didn’t we attend to him a initial day?


I was not in a good mood that day. we went to church with a dampened spirit. we concluded to attend theservice that day since we was speedy to do so; it wasn’t only a good day for me.

How did a courtship fare?Timi: 

Initially, she suggested that we remained friends. we was fearful she could finish adult fixation me in a ‘friend zone.’ we begged her to concede us pierce over loyalty to lovers though she insisted. This was after some-more than a year. we patiently waited since we knew what we wanted.


We courted for dual years and some months. we never knew we could get married to someone in a party industry. we felt they were not serious-minded people.

Why is Timi an exception?


While he kept seeking me out, we realised he was opposite from other artistes. He incited out to be a smashing person.

Did we have a conventional proposal?


I went to revisit her and afterwards put a ring in an dull image of food. we was a small frightened that she competence contend no though during a same time, we was assured it was time to do it.


 It happened early in a morning. He pronounced he wanted to make me breakfast in bed afterwards he came with a image lonesome and stayed a few minutes. we wasn’t awaiting anything some-more than noodles though he non-stop a image and brought out a ring.

 What is that thing we would adore to change about any other?


He stays on a phone for too long. we wish him to spend some-more time with me instead of being on a phone.


She should be quick when we are going out and apply her make-up hurriedly.

How do we conduct disagreements?


We both apologise.


Whoever is during error apologises initial and some-more mostly than not, she does. we also do occasionally.

Do we dual run a corner account?


 No, we trust any other and don’t need to uncover any other the bank statements.


We don’t have corner comment though monthly budgets. We have opposite accounts for opposite things and support any other financially




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