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Husband of murdered mom of 4 accuses beloved of murdering her(Photo)

lmost 4 weeks after 3 5-y e a r -o l d Martha Ifeo­ma Ifewulu was grue­somely murdered in her home in a Oke- Afa area of Lagos, on Dec 1, some-more contribution have emerged on her death.

Her lamentation husband, Chief Lawrence Ugochuk­wu Ifewulu,(above) has given an denote that she might have been killed by her boyfriend, who he sus­pects could have finished so to forestall her from divulg­ing their skeleton to kill him, dispose off his resources and elope to Canada with his children.Still raid by a startle of finding a remains of his mom who was pre­paring to go out as he left a residence to revisit a clinic for some medical test, If­ewulu indicted his mom of infidelity.

When a occurrence initial happened, Ifewulu had been demure to voice his suspicions in an progressing in­terview with Sunday Sun, nonetheless carrying had time to re­flect on a days, weeks and months that preceded a hapless incident, If­ewulu gave reasons for his clever suspicion that one Collins, a purported boy­friend of his wife, killed her.

Explaining a basement for his suspicion, he told Sun­day Sun:

 “Remember we did not finish a matter we finished while vocalization with we when this occurrence happened. we wanted to be certain of what we was going to say, nonetheless we had no dual persons we reason as primary sus­pects. we am not carrying any doubt or maybe suspecting any dual or 3 people. Even if he did not govern it by himself, he sent some people to lift out a op­eration. we am utterly certain of who killed my wife; he is responsible. This is over suspicion. This man went as distant as revelation me that he had been dating my wife for dual years.

He went as distant as revelation me that if they kill me, they would sell my residence and afterwards he would take her and a kids to Canada. After all he told me about all that had been transpiring between my mom and himself, he ex­pected me to divorce my mom nonetheless we did not do so. He would have suspicion that so many things were dim and that if we should con­tinue to live with my wife, she would tell me all and he would not be protected any­more.”

“I gave a name of a authority we am suspecting to them (the police) and we even wrote that in my statement. See a authority we suspected, from day one (showing a picture). This is my mom beside him. This picture was downloaded from Facebook. We were usually means to get this given a authority that saw it saved it and after he copied a design from Facebook, he pronounced that he could no longer see it there some days after. It had been private from Facebook.”

When asked what rela­tionship existed between Collins and his wife, If­ewulu did not demur to say

: “He was her boy­friend. That is given we pronounced my mom killed herself. The people that brought a pic­ture from Facebook pronounced this child (Collins) finished a comment, “Perfect Match” opposite a picture ofhim­self and my mom that he posted on Facebook.”

The pronounced picture, Sun­day Sun gathered, was taken when Ifeoma (the de­ceased) and Collins attend­ed a funeral of her mother, that was hold in Oct this year.

“From a really initial day we saw her corpse, we pronounced it even to a face of one of her siblings that she killed herself. we am not in doubt over what we am observant given of all that trans­pired,” lamented Ifewulu.

“I can remember that he (the suspect) gave me a call on a final Saturday of Oc­tober, this same year, and from what he told me, they had been going out for dual years. My mom non-stop adult when we told her that we would pardon her for anything she contingency have finished wrong. He belongs to this associate of boys who chase on mar­ried women and tell them lies about their husbands and before we know it, a women have put them­selves in bondage,” he added.

The late Ifeoma is nonetheless to be buried. It was gath­ered that a autopsy was achieved as partial of a ongoing military investiga­tion. The family of a defunct have been really useful in a ongoing in­vestigation to fish out a suspect.

Hear Ifewulu again:

 “Her family has been cooperating. Even a hermit of my mom knows this man nonetheless he knows him as one of my workers. We went to accommodate his (the suspect’s city kinship here in Lagos and they betrothed that they would pass a in­formation to a people in a encampment so that his people can come and answer. The military have even invited a caretaker of a residence where he was vital to make a state­ment.”

Further commentary suggested that a defunct had on several occasions sent a dual maids vital with the family to broach both food and income to a think whose residence was not distant from that of a Ifewulus.

On a fatal day of a occurrence on Dec 1, a remains of late Ifeoma was detected by her lassie who had only come behind from propagandize with a children during 3.30pm. As they got into a residence by a behind staircase, a lassie and a children were confronted by a steer of blood splatered all over a floor, and issuing openly down a stairs. The lassie tiptoed upstairs won­dering where a blood had come from. It was afterwards that she and a children saw a passed physique of Ifeoma sprawled on a building in a pool of blood.

The lassie lifted a alarm that at­tracted a courtesy of their womanlike neighbour. The steer of Ifeoma with a silky-soft skin of her throat hideously slashed with a blade as one would do to a goat was gut-wrenching. The womanlike neighbour equally screamed on sighting a corpse. It was prolonged postulated for assistance that brought other neighbours from circuitously residence rushing into a devalue to know what was amiss. They too were repelled to a mar­row.

While still sobbing, a womanlike neighbour called Ifewulu on a phone, and frantically urged him to rush behind home immedi­ately, nonetheless a neighbour kept him in a dim about a genocide of his wife. All the approach home, Ifewulu wondered what could have happened. It was when If­ewulu got home during 5.00pm that he was told about a murder of his wife. Soon after a authority of a estate called a DPO of Ejigbo Police Division and sensitive him about a incident, and a military rushed to a stage within 30 minutes.

Until her death, Ifeoma was a fixed member of a Noble Fitness Club of Nigeria and was pronounced to be so committed to gripping fit that she never missed her training sessions for any­thing.

Meanwhile, military sources told Sunday Sun that review in a box was ongoing, nonetheless combined that no think had nonetheless been arrested. While a military go by a perfected routine of in­vestigating a murder, a 4 bereaved children of a integrate – Chidera, Ugochuchukwu, Mesioma and Onyinyechi – are still overcome by grief. Truly, this year’s Christmas sea­son might righteously go down as a darkest given they were innate and might sojourn so for long.




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