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‘I Have Been Tempted Many Times to Cheat on my Husband…It is not Worth a Trouble’ – Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde


Captain Matthew Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde

Omotola Jalade Ekeinde is one Nollywood singer who has done a name for herself in certain ways and though a singular scandal.

The Nollywood black has been a purpose indication for many by her career, her aspiration and her marriage.

Chatting with Vanguard Newspaper however, Omotola suggested that carrying been married for 18 years; she has had to work tough during her matrimony to keep it strong.

Read excerpts from her talk below:

On a success of her marriage: we have been adored by a Lord. we am truly sanctified to have been married to one-of-a-kind father who appreciates what we do, encourages me to surpass in my craft. Let me tell we this: we take my matrimony unequivocally seriously. If we provide your matrimony with flightiness and drifting abandon, we will reap a prerogative for such bad behavior. My father is an angel, brought by God to my life, and it has been a blessing carrying him as my husband.

On receiving gifts from group who admire her: Sure, we have perceived lots of goodies from my masculine admirers. we do not give anything in return. we always tell them that we am married and would not concede my martial vows. If after creation that indicate clear, they still continue to showering me with gifts, maybe desiring that something will mangle in a destiny afterwards we can't assistance them.

On if she faces temptations while being married: Absolutely. we have been tempted many times to lie on my father by group we unequivocally liked. But when we consider of what we mount to lose, a dump of all we have worked to build, when we import all a options, we are left to interpretation that it is not value a trouble. we know some women will find this rather objectionable, though if they wish to be guileless to themselves, they will determine with me that, as married women, we have all faced moments that we have only described.

On if her matrimony has cooled over time: Of course, it has. Which married lady who has been with her father for years will, in her loyal state, tell we that a feeling has remained a same as it was a initial time or a initial year she met her husband? It is firm to cold off. What we suggest to women is what we call “temporary separation”. You will make yourself taken to your husband. Go somewhere – go on vacation with your friends, do something bold, remove weight, demeanour opposite and, after weeks, come home, looking dump passed gorgeous, and we gamble you, a glow of passion will be mightily rekindled and we  will feel code new again.



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