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‘I suffered passionate abuse in high propagandize & earthy abuse in university – Lola Omotayo

While addressing a organisation of immature women during Kinabuti’s Dare2Dream Master Class eventuality that happened in Lagos recently, Peter Okoye’s mom and mom of 2, Lola Omotayo suggested that she suffered passionate abuse by a clergyman when she was in delegate propagandize and beaten black and blue by a beloved in a university. She pronounced she never told anyone about a seduction since she didn’t trust anyone would trust her

“I couldn’t tell anyone since everybody would censure me, so we carried on a shame and sourness with me for years. we was filled with hatred and we became an indignant person, we was rebellious, we didn’t wish to listen to anybody…and since we wanted to be diminished from propagandize to equivocate saying this person, we would do so many terrible things, all around me was only so negative, we felt we wasn’t good enough.”

‘I changed on to a university, met a adore of my life and I’m like, fine this male is cool, he loves me though he started to abuse me. we was beaten black and blue all a time, in front of friends, in open and during a point, we felt, we know what, we am not estimable enough, there is zero about me that is nice, nobody loves me though we hid this from my family. we felt like a loser, so it was tough for me to focus. But one day, we woke adult and pronounced we am going to change my story and we dumped that person, focused on my preparation and motionless to be critical and be something. we motionless to get a pursuit and go to propagandize full time in America.’

She pronounced she worked tough to make her possess income so she could be eccentric and not have to rest on any man. She pronounced being eccentric and creation her possess income helped her build her certainty and pushed to grasp some-more in life. She afterwards talked about her husband, Peter Okoye

“Look during my husband, when we met him, peeps were like what are we doing with him, he has zero though we stood my belligerent and chose to hang with him since he had a dream. He and his twin hermit did not let their dream die, they worked hard, demeanour during them today! we stranded by him since he had concentration and expostulate and currently we am happy, we have a good life, we are happy and we have got a pleasing family. No one can make we a loser.’.

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