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Is This a Weirdest Beauty Trend Out there? Check Out Dyed Armpit Hair

Okay, so this competence be a weirdest thing we’ve come opposite today! If we suspicion hairy legs and painted eyebrows were weird, afterwards we are in for a surprise.

Check out a painted armpit hair trend.

I know what you’re thinking, it’s a bit uncanny when ladies don’t trim their pits, not to consider of failing a array hair – though a an tangible thing.

It all started with a Seattle-based hair stylist, Roxie Hunt who always wanted to try failing someone’s armpit hair. When her co-worker let her tone hers, Roxie after blogged about a theme “How to tone your armpit hair” and given afterwards has been seen by over 30,000 people.

On a experiment, Roxie wrote “We laughed and marveled during a beauty of her blue array hair. It was too good to be true. The tone in her pits ideally matched a tone on her head. we felt a vital win for physique hair“.

Roxie isn’t a usually one who has attempted a hair trend, Youtuber Destiny M also attempted a charming trend and posted her outcome online with about 75,000 views.



Destiny commented on because she motionless to tone her pits observant she was enthuse to do it after saying a lady who had painted her pubic hair pink. She goes on to explain that a preference to not usually grow your armpit hair though tone it is represents a leisure to make your possess decisions, that is flattering empowering.

If we enter a hunt hashtag #PitHair or #NoShaveNoShade on Tumblr or Instagram, we will find hundreds of women who have motionless to try and say a trend.

We aren’t accurately certain we would be peaceful to try a trend, but be certain to let us know if this is something we see yourself flourishing into (get it? )

Watch this video by TYT University on a hairy new trend.

Photo Source: Destiny M (Youtube)



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