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Jonathan is not Anti-Muslim – Presidency

The Presidency on Monday pronounced President Goodluck Jonathan was not regulating his bureau to pursue anti-Muslim bulletin as being purported in some quarters.

Reuben Abati, a Special Adviser to a President on Media and Publicity, pronounced this on Monday in Abuja while vocalization with State House correspondents.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Abati was reacting to a series of allegations done by a Muslims Right Concern (MURIC) by a Director, Ishaq Akintola opposite a president.

“Our courtesy has been drawn to a press matter released by a Muslims Right Concern and sealed by a Director, Ishaq Akintola that done a series of allegations opposite President Jonathan.

“I find Akintola’s allegations rather extraordinary and they can be dealt with as follows: first, he needs to be told that President Jonathan is not anti-Muslim as he alleges’’.

“Jonathan is a President of all Nigerians, whatever might be their beliefs’’.

“It is not loyal that a boss is regulating a top bureau in a republic to foster Zion nation.’’

According to him, we consider that is a many hapless matter entrance from Akintola of MURIC and for that they owe President Jonathan an apology.

Abati also faulted explain by a organisation that Muslims were marginalised in a new inhabitant conference, describing it as a really hapless thing to say.

He remarkable that a inhabitant discussion had been praised and adjudged one of a best of such conferences ever organized in a country.

“It was a eloquent conference, a discussion in that a lot of majority was displayed. Religion did not turn a large emanate in that conference.

“Rather, a discussion became a height for addressing many issues of ubiquitous regard to several groups, racial or religious.

“MURIC can't explain not to know that was a really successful conference,’’ he added.

Abati described as a blatant distortion explain by a organisation that a confidence complement in a Presidential Villa was jam-packed with Israeli confidence operatives.

He emphasised that there were no Israeli confidence operatives saturating a confidence complement in Aso Rock.

The president’s help invited Akintola to revisit a Presidential Villa to see either it was Israelis that were in assign of security.

According to him, a confidence operatives in a Villa are not foreigners, they are Nigerians and there is no tie with Israel whatsoever.

Abati combined that Akintola’s “vituperation’’ on a due centenary N100 banknote was wrong and misinformed.

“The pitch his matter is referring to is a Star of David. There is nowhere on that note as indicated in a citation that has been widely publicised where there is any Jewish or Zionist pitch or a Star of David.

“The Star of David is a hexagram that is dual triangles of equal lines superimposed on any other. The hexagram is a really renouned pitch though it is not on that naira note.

“The pitch that he is referring to is not a Jewish symbol. It is what they call hint confidence feature.’’

He said; “it is an visual captivating underline that enables a open to substantiate a banking note either it is genuine or counterfeit. That is a duty of that sold design.’’

“That pattern is not a hexagram and it is not in any approach compared with Israel or Jewish or Zionism.

“It is dual squares joined into one with a Manila briquette, that is a pitch of a cowry income used during a colonial era.

“It is an try on a partial of MURIC to means disaffection, since on a pattern of that note, a value of that note is created out in a 3 vital languages in Nigeria, recognized in a constitution: Yoruba, Igbo and Hausa.’’

According to him, no try has been done to use this due naira note to distinguish anybody, and a conflict on President Jonathan is undeserved, uncalled-for and totally unkind.

“I trust that MURIC will see a need to fast apologize for dubious a open and for arising that kind of matter that can means disavowal opposite a president,’’ he said.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) was determined by a Federal Government of Nigeria in May 1976 to accumulate and discharge news on Nigeria and cover events of seductiveness to Nigeria during a general turn for a advantage of a Nigerian Media and a Public.



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