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KIGOZI (I Tell You Why) – Navio

“Gave A Herbalist GUAP Then we Blessed A Rhyme/

Gave a Journalist a Watch Cause I’m Pressed for Time/

Gave a Journalist a Watch Cause I’m Pressed for Time? /

I Just Killed Your Whole Album with My Second Line/

Then Repeated It So You Wouldn’t Have To Press Rewind/”

—Navio [KIGOZI (I Tell You Why)]

Yes, we only had to quote a opening bars so that we give we a discerning preview of a track. KIGOZI is a singular off Navio’s 3rd studio manuscript ‘PRIDE’ that came out final year. This lane also non-stop a manuscript for those of we who listened to it and as we listen to it we get to know because . The lane is named after Navio (his genuine name KIGOZI) that explains a probity in a lyrics on this lane and in divided represents Navio’s bequest in a hip-hop attention behind home here in Uganda and opposite a African continent.

On an Aethan constructed kick  Navio ignores a carol and uses a elementary plain offshoot where he says if a lady ever leaves him a means of his PRIDE afterwards he goes on to tell we because with in a verses. Within a offshoot we comprehend a coherence of Navio as he drops a name of a manuscript ‘PRIDE’ which done this sold strain a ideal approach of opening his album.  In a initial hymn Navio brings a aggressiveness as a conflict MC to his foe as he addresses them as to because he is a best and is unapologetic about it.  In a subsequent verses Navio talks about a struggles that hip-hop as a genre and rappers face in sequence to be appreciated/accepted like not being authorised to perform on shows, that highlights his bequest as one of a rappers who  have paved approach for a many rappers in Uganda.

Listen to a lane and let Navio know what your thoughts are  via chatter @Naviomusic

Connect with writer, Twitter: @TheNinjaFelix

Download KIGOZI (I Tell You Why) Navio


Connect with writer, Twitter: @TheNinjaFelix

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