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LMAO! North Korea’s internet is down. You go, USA!

If you’ve been following a Sony, North Korea and a US supervision tale afterwards we should know what this is about. But let me give a brief outline since I’m about to house a flight.

Sony Pictures expelled a film called The Interview, a comedy about a illusory assassination of North Korean leader, Kim Jong Un.. North Korean didn’t find it humorous and hacked into Sony’s computers, digest thousands of computers inoperable and forced Sony to take a whole mechanism network offline. That wasn’t enough, they afterwards threatened apprehension conflict on US adults if Sony doesn’t cancel display a movie, forcing Sony to lift a talk from theaters and losing roughly $200m. Then a US govt got concerned and told Sony to go forward and recover a movie, that they don’t take easily to threats and betrothed to retort for a conflict on Sony. It looks like they’ve kept their to promise. North Korea is now offline. Lol

“Internet connectivity between North Korea and a outward universe is now pang one of its worst outages in new memory, suggesting that a nation might be fast a mass cyber conflict a few days after President Obama warned a US would launch a “proportional response” to North Korea’s hack opposite Sony

North Korea, that has 4 central networks joining a nation to
the Internet — all of that track by China — began experiencing
intermittent problems yesterday and currently went totally black,
according to Doug Madory, executive of Internet research during Dyn Research in Hanover, New Hampshire.” Bloomberg reports.

I find this so hilarious! Moral of a story, don’t disaster with a US. Will be MIA for a few hours… roving out of a country. See we guys soon!



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