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Lola Alao, Her Hubby & Former BFF In Real Life Yoruba Nollywood Husband Snatching Drama!!!

Actress Lola Alao personally tied a tangle final year Aug to an American formed NigerianOlawale Ajibola during a polite rite in Atlanta. She gushed in a new talk about how happy she was with her new hubby. But usually a small over a year after her matrimony it seems her matrimony has crashed!

According to report blog Stella Dimoko Korkus Lola’s father has left her for another lady and not usually any woman, a lady in doubt is pronounced to be her BFF!!!!!

The singer and her father are formed in a United States, while Lola’s BFF is formed in Canada with her hubby.


Lola Alao’s hubby Wale with Becky

According to SDK‘s sources, Lola is/was tighten friends with Becky, a lady that allegedly stole her hubby. Becky is married to a male named Kola.  According to people in a know, Lola married Wale during a indicate when he was during his lowest. They were brought together by a crony when he was “inside” and Lola upheld him and gave him a adore he needed, since of his “peculiar situation”.

So Lola Wale are married, afterwards comes Becky, who always referred to Lola’s father as her “uncle”. By trait of that she and Lola turn really close, besties, roughly like sisters.

S**t strike a fan for all parties concerned when Becky called a cops on her hubby (Kola) after an purported domestic brawl during their home in Canada. He was allegedly arrested and bailed out by his tighten friends.  It is purported that when Becky’s father was in jail watchful to be bailed out, was when Becky Wale motionless to go make their prolonged stretch event legit. Wale was formerly formed in a States, though it’s purported that he is now in Canada with a new adore of his life…Becky…who is Lola’s BFF….sorry former BFF. Wale Becky are allegedly attending events together in Canada and are allegedly not stealing their relationship.

It is being purported by insiders that Lola Alao did not see this entrance and she is not usually broke though in finish shock!

WOW! What a mess! These men/friends ain’t loyal



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