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Man Charged With Defrauding Nigerian Students of $148,000

The former executive of Pittsburg State’s College of Business is
facing sovereign charges of defrauding Nigerian connoisseur students
recruited to attend a school.

Federal prosecutors pronounced Wednesday that
61-year-old Michael Muoghalu of Pittsuburg faces one count of handle fraud
and one count of income laundering.

Muoghalu is indicted of holding some-more than $148,000
in refunds due to a Nigerian students in Pittsburg State’s Masters of
Business Administration program.

The Pittsburg Morning Sun reports that

prosecutors lay that commencement in 2006 Muoghalu worked with an
unknown confederate in Nigeria to convince 15 Nigerian students to give
him partial of a refunds they perceived on deposits for fee and fees.

Muoghalu was dangling in Jun and quiescent Sept. 15.

Source: AP



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