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Mistabooks – Being A Nigerian (BAN)

Conscious Hip-Hop for a win! Listen to a producer Mistabooks speak.

‎“It’s been utterly a while we final listened from a Lyricist himself, Mistabooks. Apparently, he comes behind to a stage with a hard, romantic and saddening cut patrician “Being A Nigerian” (BAN).

He samples Fela Anikulapo Kuti and his Cousin Wole Sonyinka. These group are legends, domestic activists and poets who upheld on low messages that we Nigerians never took knowledge of. This annexation synchronised with a fact that Nigerians need to arise adult from their slumber.

Furthermore, Mistabooks exposes a ills, issues and cankerworms eating adult a fabrics of a dear nation. He delivers dual verses… we mean, ‎very conscious. Also, a lane cuts opposite Jazz, hip bound and Afro fusion. He facilities “See Real” who laced a intone of essence on a cut. Listen and get attuned to a vast universe of reality. God assistance a republic Nigeria.”

DOWNLOAD: Mistabooks – Being A Nigerian (BAN)


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