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Money Matters with Nimi: Don’t Let Your Wedding Ruin Your Marriage

From a beginning years we are conditioned to dream of a angel story wedding. Every primogenitor wants to give their child their dream matrimony and to do all they can to support them. This can get unequivocally expensive. To equivocate stealing impressed by all a losses demeanour delicately during a cost implications and prioritize delicately right from a start.

Many couples get carried divided with a thought of a matrimony and do not stop to anticipate a tangible marriage. Sit down with your fiancé and speak about your goals and what we would like to grasp in a subsequent year, 5 years and beyond, such as starting a family, shopping a new automobile or profitable a deposition on your initial home. Write these goals down and keep them in perspective as we plead a matrimony plans. This should assistance we keep things in check as we ready your life tour together.

Prepare a budget.

A good initial step to gripping matrimony costs underneath control is to ready a minute budget. Make a list of all we can consider of that we will need for a wedding; this includes both a normal and eremite matrimony ceremonies, a pre matrimony events, a matrimony accepting and a honeymoon. Prioritize according to a things that are many critical to you. Build in a strait comment for random expenses; there will always be some.

Costs will customarily embody invitations, a matrimony dress, hair and make up, outfits for bridesmaids and grooms men, church fees, church choir and musicians, DJ, band, accepting venue, caterer, matrimony cake, photographs, videographer, florist, guest favors, hotel, transportation, pre-wedding entertainment, honeymoon. It is advisable to sinecure a matrimony or eventuality planner, as they are customarily means to negotiate with their network of vendors for poignant discounts, extras or to relinquish certain let fees.

In Nigeria and several African countries, a matrimony is many some-more than a kinship between dual people; it is a matrimony of dual extensive, extended families. This means that a biggest cause that will change your costs is approaching to be a series of guest that will attend mostly nonetheless grave invitation. If your normal cost per chairman for food, drink, and rentals is N10,000, stealing thirty people from your guest list will save we N300,000. You will find that tiny compromises can mostly supplement adult to vast savings.

A smorgasboard menu tends to work out to be cheaper than a plated one. Guests have come to design and suffer a good preference of mouth watering finger dishes popularly coined “small chops” that are stuffing and are pretty labelled during between N600 – N2000 per conduct depending on a menu.

Drinks are a vital cost utterly if spirits, excellent wines and champagne are on a list. Even where we pierce your possess drinks to a hotel, a corkage rates can be prohibitive. A approach to extent bar costs is to yield guest with simple drinks including water, fruit juices and soothing drinks and splash tickets privately for alcoholic drinks; after regulating their tickets, guest can squeeze additional drinks with income should they wish to do so. This is sincerely common in other societies.

You don’t have to have everything. Guest favors need not be extravagant; a tiny suggestive souvenir of nauseating value will do. Large matrimony cakes are a outrageous rubbish as customarily dried is served during a wedding. A matrimony planner mentioned that about 50% of a matrimony cake goes to rubbish as half a guest have left before it has even been cut and shared. Remember we can still grasp a stately demeanour of a multi-tiered matrimony cake if we reinstate some of a tiers with “dummy” cakes.

What are a many critical things to we about your matrimony day? The ring, that we will wear for decades, your matrimony dress, or a photographs and video that contingency constraint a memories? You can buy a pleasing ring nonetheless spending a happening and afterwards ascent as a nauseating gesticulate on a destiny anniversary and as we labour your preferences. Bridegrooms and groomsmen customarily lease their outfits, nonetheless many brides will pant during a idea that one competence lease a dress of your dreams during a fragment of a cost of a new dress!

Start early, devise ahead

In an ideal world, relatives should have been environment aside supports for family weddings as with other vital goals such as appropriation your child’s education. Once we have upheld a preparation appropriation hurdle, this is approaching to be a subsequent vast spend.

Invest according to your time horizon. For a matrimony that’s usually reduction than a year away, supports should be placed in a bank bound deposition or a income marketplace mutual fund. If a approaching matrimony is still over 5 years away, we competence deposit in a portfolio of bonds for a awaiting of long-term collateral growth. An equity comment would also be an ideal choice as it offers flexibility, diversification and veteran management.

Who pays for what?

In a past, Yoruba tradition was not financially kind to a bride’s family who was approaching to cover many of a costs. Nowadays both families tend to play a purpose and a multiplication of costs is mostly contingent on any family’s financial station and of a bride and husband themselves. It is reduction about tradition and protocol, nonetheless rather, about circumstances, common clarity and who can means what, that should foreordain who pays for what. It is usually when we know how many will be accessible that we can start to plan.

Attempting to separate a check between dual families can be difficult so there contingency be positively clarity about how many any is peaceful and means to support. The integrate and their families should accommodate and have a straightforward contention about this. Early and visit communication is pivotal so that a families get a good clarity of a couple’s desires and expectations. One contingency be supportive as income conversations can be awkward; infrequently a family that is contributing some-more competence feel entitled to some-more control.

You don’t wish relations to be stretched even before a wedding. Do not feel bad if we are a primogenitor of a bride and can't means to compensate for a whole wedding. Very few people design that anymore. Don’t be railroaded into wiping out your retirement assets usually to keep adult appearances. A matrimony need not cost millions of naira.

For late in life marriages, as a integrate competence have been operative for many years, they should be means to compensate for their matrimony losses themselves even nonetheless family members competence offer some assistance.

The “Bride Price” or “Dowry” is a financial remuneration to a relatives or guardians of a bride by a husband on comment of marriage. The volume varies from one enlightenment to another and there is no bound volume on how many can or should be paid. It ranges from a token sum of a integrate of dual thousand, to millions of naira. The dowry can be a brew of financial value and domicile items, food and livestock. Some families opt out of this tradition and relinquish a dowry altogether.

Don’t jeopardise your retirement plans

It is good to always wish to put your children first, nonetheless it is not indispensably always a best thing. You can't means to scapegoat your retirement to comment your children’s weddings. Whilst it competence be good to pierce in with your children in your twilight years, we do not wish this to be since we are penniless. Your retirement planning, your puncture comment and medical word contingency be your priority, forward of matrimony plans.

Should we borrow?

It is never correct to start a matrimony carrying poignant debt. Try to daunt your son or daughter should they be deliberation borrowing to financial their wedding; inspire them to symbol a arise with a medium rite and celebration. They can have a bigger celebration later. No one should go into plateau of debt usually for one day.


Consider mouth-watering fewer guests. Today, couples are quietly mouth-watering usually those people who are many critical to them. Simpler, scaled-down and some-more insinuate weddings are apropos some-more popular. Destination weddings are one of a ways that couples have been means to revoke a numbers of guest and have a some-more docile day.

Yewande Zaccheaus, CEO of Eventful Ltd, a heading eventuality formulation association in Nigeria says “Most of a weddings we classify operation from 1,000 to 2,000 guests. Our African birthright of vast circles of family and friends who simply contingency be invited to a eventuality does make weddings intensely expensive. We now suggest a tiny rendezvous and a incomparable matrimony or a vast rendezvous and a tiny insinuate wedding, as a unsentimental approach of shortening costs. It unequivocally is utterly nonessential to perform a same 1,000 guest twice in a march of a few days. Many clients are throwing unto this explanation and this helps to revoke their costs significantly. We keep revelation a clients, there is life after a matrimony day!

A tiny wedding, by Nigerian standards, of contend one hundred guest with an insinuate accepting in a good grill will save we lots of money; nonetheless this won’t even cover a cost of renting a hotel party hall. A weekday or off-season date as against to a Dec weekend will also be cheaper.

Shared costs

In many churches and matrimony venues there competence be some-more than one eventuality holding on a same day. It is value deliberation pity some of a costs so that both parties can advantage from a superb floral and other taste utterly if there is a comparatively neutral colour scheme; pleasing flowers for a 10 am matrimony can still be defended for a noon matrimony a same day. Hold a matrimony rite and accepting during a same venue will also assistance to keep costs down.

“Get a small assistance from your friends”

You will find that there could be poignant assets if we would usually ask. In lieu of a gift, a propinquity competence offer to horde one of a ceremonies in their vast garden, your gifted crony competence wish to use this eventuality to showcase photography, culinary, song or make adult skills. A family member competence yield a getaway car, and with a use of a vacation residence and a present of atmosphere miles we could have a smashing honeymoon.

It is about a matrimony and not a wedding.

Research shows that financial concerns are one of a many common sources of tragedy in relations and have some partial in many divorces, nonetheless many couples go into matrimony nonetheless ever broaching this subject. It might not be romantic, nonetheless it is important. Don’t let a matrimony hurt your marriage; remember it is about a matrimony and not a wedding.

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