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Mother of Austria-based lady killed by her Edo partner cries out, final for justice

The Octogenarian mom of Austria-based Benin woman, Ms
Rose Aifuwa, who was killed by her Edo lover/business
partner Festus Aimufua, on Christmas day 2014 has cried out for justice
over a hideous murder. Rose was brutally killed and her
body dumped during a Upper Mission highway prolongation in Benin city in Edo
state by her partner named Festus (pictured left).
Speaking with Vanguard, a lady pronounced she was with her daughter a night before she was
killed and had left her in a caring of Festus customarily to be told a next
day that her daughter’s remains was found on a streets. She described
her daughter as a bread leader of her family and pleaded with the
Governor of Edo state Adams Oshiomole and a military to see a matter to a really end…

was with my daughter during her chateau during Upper Mission on 24 December,
2014. When it was 7pm we told my daughter that we wanted to start going
home since we wasn’t feeling well, so she started laughing, job me
old woman. She asked me to come behind a subsequent day that was Christmas
day. Festus, my daughter’s boyfriend, was with my daughter with some of
his friends carrying drinks when we left them customarily for me to hear strike on
my embankment a subsequent day that my daughter’s passed physique was fibbing during a
junction. Later, a people that came were perplexing to censor the
matter from me by observant it was teenager damage that she sustained. Some
people pronounced she was shot during a behind while others pronounced her intestine
came out. The torpedo of my daughter pronounced they both slept together and
that when he wanted to leave my daughter hold him insisting he contingency pay
her a income he due over some business transaction. It was during that
point he knocked her down with his automobile and dragged her on a ground
which led to her death. My universe has crumbled, we don’t know what
to do, we am in ruin but my daughter, she is all we had. Each time my
daughter brought products from abroad, we customarily called Festus and after
selling won’t subtract money. we never knew a same male will eventually
kill my daughter and leave me in low pain. My daughter even rented an unit for him (the suspect),
spending over N250,000 in a routine since they were going out. My
daughter pronounced he wanted to uplift his amicable standing and went as distant as
buying him a automobile since her friends customarily mocked her for going out
with some one that was not adult to her standard. Beside, she had started
building a residence for him during Aduwawa. Festus tranquil many of her
business exchange in Nigeria.  Recently, she complained to me that the
bulk of her income unremitted was in a control of Festus; so we advised
her not to give him any other goods. My daughter devoted him and that
was since she non-stop her heart to him by ensuring that he was in assign of
her business. My daughter was a one that had been nutritious the
family, now she is dead. My universe has crumbled. we am vagrant a police
and Governor Adams Oshiomhole to come and assistance me. They should ask
Festus since he killed my daughter notwithstanding all my daughter did for his in
life. we have never seen this kind of wrong in my life. Instead of
killing her he should have left with a money. we am finished” she pronounced amidst tears

revealed that late Rose and Festus who is married with dual children,
had started off as business partners about 3 years ago and became
lovers in Jan 2014.  Rose, who was formed in Austria, partnered with
Festus to sell Tokunbo vehicles and gangling tools in Nigeria that she
shipped into a country. Festus was approaching to sell and subtract shares of a deduction from a understanding to her. He unsuccessful to do this and so when she came in Dec final year, she asked for her income which
according to her family had amassed to about N20million.

Rose invited
Festus to her residence during Upper Mission highway on Christmas eve and he spent
the night with her. In a morning of Christmas day, Rose woke up
demanding for her income from Festus. Festus, according to reports, motionless to run. He ran out of her residence and jumped
into her automobile and as he attempted to speed off, he strike her. Police
investigations showed that after attack her, he dragged her physique on the
floor for about 500m before transfer her remains during Upper goal road

Residents of a area who famous her immediately
contacted her family who got in hold with Festus and duped him to go
and news a box to a nearest military station, after revelation him that Rose was alive. A confused Festus fell for a family’s pretence and proceeded to a Oregbeni military hire where he reported a box of collision and not murder. He was afterward arrested.

Edo state Police Public family officer, DSP
Joseph Edoigiawerie, while confirming a occurrence pronounced a hermit of a late Rose reported a box to them

“A box of
murder was reported by one Elvis Omokhojie, that his sister, named Rose
Aifuwa, was found fibbing passed on Upper Mission Extension junction,
Aduwawa, Benin-City, and a means of genocide unknown.  We have been to
the stage of occurrence and taken a remains to a mortuary. Our
investigation led to a detain of a male crony or partner because,
according to a report, he (the suspect) was final seen with her” he said.

the Austrian embassy had created a Edo state Police authority over the
death of Rose who had trafficked to Nigeria with her Austrian passport.



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