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My Greatest Achievement is being a Mother – Ara speaks on Turning 40, Nigerian Politics & More

Nigerian articulate drummer Ara distinguished her 40th birthday recently (click here if we missed it), and she had a discuss with Encomium repository where she talked to a softsell repository about her miracle age, her career, politics in Nigeria and many more.

She also non-stop adult to a repository about some of a highlights of her life so far.

Read excerpts from her Interview below.

On what she wants for her new age: we wish God to give us a improved Nigeria, where we will not need to protest about many things, a Nigeria where a leaders will have a seductiveness during heart, not their ego during play.  We are sanctified in Nigeria though a blessing is in a hands of few.  we wish a improved Nigeria.

On a boss she wants for 2015: It doesn’t matter who sits in Aso Rock, a many critical thing is removing someone who has a seductiveness of a republic during heart, a boss that will strap a resources in a right direction.  It doesn’t matter where a chairman is from.  If a charge of a people gets we there, afterwards we are chosen.  What matters many is carrying a personality that has a seductiveness of a masses during heart.  Why do we roar for someone from a North, South East or wherever?  It is since we are not patriotic, whosoever gets to bureau should be supported.  Look during Obama and Hilary Clinton, a dual of them worked fine.  She served underneath him though discrimination, so, what is wrong with us?  Let us support whosoever God puts there.

On her biggest feat during 40: My biggest feat is being a mother, carrying a smashing son.  Every other thing is secondary.  Every primogenitor urge for their children to endure them.  God has given me that grace.  we appreciate God for a smashing career, a good people around me.  For those who attempted to stop me, they meant it for evil, though God meant it for good.  Indirectly, they coax me on. we went by hurdles to be whom Ara is today.

On her biggest plea during 40: we am a warrior.  we will contend picking a articulate drum, personification it and fear of acceptance.  we wouldn’t call them hurdles anyway.  Everybody has, during a time or a other left by challenges.  Challenges contingency come.  It contingency be a bit severe before we can benefit your ground.

On her skeleton for 2015: we will be dropping my album.  My film will also be in a cinemas.  We have a lot of surprises anyway.

You can review adult her full talk here.

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