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‘My father was assassinated, we wish justice’-Wife of Doctor who died in sanatorium fire

As a Oguntuase family in Akure, Ondo State, continues to weep a hideous genocide of inaugural Pediatrician, Dr. David Oguntuase, his wife, Ifeyinwa, has cried out to certainty agencies to assistance find his killers.

Dr. Oguntuase who would have been 54 in January, died in his private sanatorium on Christmas Eve in a mysteriousfire occurrence suspected by his family to be a handiwork of assassins.

Ifeyinwa, a social worker also during a Federal Medical Centre, Owo, told a match that she perceived his final phone call during about 6.42pm on that Wednesday, instructing her on a need to emporium for some elementary supplies before dim since of a holiday season.
According to Punch, she pronounced her father left home in a dusk but his car which was underneath correct during a automechanic workshop, and did not lapse home before the family went to bed.

According to her, since of a inlet of his pursuit as a medical doctor, he mostly kept late nights and infrequently didn’t lapse home if he had a box during a hospital. She, however, remarkable that he customarily called to forewarn her whenever he designed to come home late.

She remarkable that her father was progressing attacked of his phones and other valuables a prior Saturday in a same area where his sanatorium was located.

Ifeyinwa recounted a travails of her father during a FMC as he was progressing interrogated by a military on trumped adult allegations of plotting with others to murder a Chief Medical Director.

Flanked by her 3 children, Ifedayo, 18; Temitope, 14 and Oluwatoyin, 11, during their home during Ijapo Estate, she asserted that her father of 20 years did not die in a glow accident.

“For all we know, my father was gruesomely murdered and we wish probity for him,” she said.

She, however, could not explain because her father was alone during a sanatorium during a time of a incident, a doubt that had been on a lips of many residents in a area.

“My father was not a drifting person; he was very meticulous and knew how to put things in their place. He was not lazy.
“He was elementary and forthright. He used his sanatorium for charity. The sanatorium did not move money home; he used his income to compensate his workers. He was amicable and selfless,” she said.

“I know they (police) can do something if they wish to. They should find a killers at least to infer my certainty in them.”




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