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Okocha, Silva Boost Malta Guinness Game On Contestants

On Sunday’s part of Malta Guinness Game On Jay Jay Okocha, Joke Silva, Saka, Toke Makinwa, Bovi, Mai Atafo and Charles Okafor assimilated contestants of a Game On TV existence uncover who were faced with a plea of creation a 5 min documentary depicting stories representing their captain’s rise.

Both Team captains got a support of their attention friends to safeguard that their apart teams emerged winners of a film creation challenge.

Team Football’s Amokachi called on a support of dual renouned Nollywood Actors, Saka and Charles Okafor to assistance his group out as a contestants embarked on formulating a film of Amokachi’s success story they patrician “Kick of a bull”.

Team Fashion’s Lanre Da Silva called on a support of Nollywood icon, Joke Silva, media celebrity Toke Makinwa, conform designer, Mai Atafo, and comedian, Bovi to assistance out group conform gleam in their film patrician “Butterfly kisses”. Amokachi had one some-more warn left for his group member bringing his former co-worker and good friend, Football legend, Jay Jay Okocha into a mix. Team Fashion shot their story in Lanre’s studio as Henrietta, Precious and Ukara, most to their delight, got to wear LDA designs in a movie.

With dual Nollywood A-Listers; Nigeria’s best midfielder and a ardent captain – Team Fashion had a critical conflict on their hands to contend their winning streak.

Fans of Game On and film goers collected during a Film House cinemas in Surulere as they enjoyed and voted Team Football as a plea winner.

“We had this win! Our integrity and tough work won us this plea and it usually gets better” pronounced Daniel Amokachi while congratulating his group on winning.

In what was an positively rewarding night for Team Football, Team Fashion’s Madu was separated by his associate group friends for being too bossy.

With one final plea to go, will Team Football continue their success or will this better have encouraged Team Fashion to come behind fighting even some-more strongly?The uncover front Sunday on AIT and Spice TV 5-6pm. NTA 4.30 -5.30pm. Watch also repeat broadcasts on ONTV, Thursday 6.30 – 7.30 pm and on Sound City on Saturdays 7-8pm. Which group will win a subsequent episode? Team Fashion or Team Football? Have your contend and opinion for your passion. Click here https://www.facebook.com/MaltaGuinness. Also, we can content GoFashion or GoFootball to 20055 to win sparkling prizes. The Malta Guinness Game On existence uncover continues subsequent Sunday. Which passion will best fuel a arise of Naija? Get behind your passion and follow a review onFacebook/MaltaGuinness and Twitter: @MaltaGuinnessNG.



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