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Oma: The Good People Of Lagos

Every multitude has a good, a bad and a ugly, that is since we consternation since visitors are discerning to decider Lagos on a bad and a ugly. They tuck divided a goodies that they have taken divided from Lagos and start to enumerate and widespread a news of their bad and nauseous experiences.

I am a satisfactory being and so, we need we to know that many Lagosians have a vast heart and when we are in trouble, we can count on them. Organisations and groups like Lost in Lagos try to highlight a pleasing things in Lagos.

A few years back, as we prepared for my National Youth Service Corp, we collapsed in Balogun marketplace while shopping. It was such a thespian knowledge that got my whole family worried. we was already operative during a time and a widen from Lagos to Abeokuta and clamp versa on a daily basis, wasn’t a outing that didn’t come during a cost to my health. we theory that was a outcome of my collapsing in Balogun marketplace yet a alloy diagnosed me of dehydration and stress.

I had only finished shopping some equipment from a woman’s emporium when we felt a need for water. we fast beckoned on a H2O seller to prove my lust and before we could even sip on some, we fell on a building and became intensely weak. My stomach was satirical me and we could no longer feel my legs. we was still unwavering of my sourroundings yet could hardly contend a word to anyone.

The women in a marketplace collected around me and began to ask me questions that could assistance them confirm on what subsequent to do. we requested to palliate myself and a youngest of them all volunteered to lift me on her behind and take me to a nearest loo. Unfortunately, we got there and couldn’t mount a steer of a place and asked to be taken away.

While all this was going on and they motionless to rush me to a hospital in a market; one of them picked adult my phone and searched for numbers of my folks. we am one of those really normal kids who store their relatives contacts with Daddy and Mummy and given we get to speak to them a lot, they are always on my final dialed calls. This done it easy for them to get a hit and strech out.

By a time my relatives showed up, we had been taken to a hospital and a initial deposition for my diagnosis paid by a marketplace people. My relatives were so changed during a affability of these people who didn’t leave me to humour in pains. They took me as yet they knew who we was and took caring of my needs even before any informed chairman came to my rescue.

When we came around, a tellurian inlet in me came to a front as we panicked meditative that all we had shopped including a income that we had on me was gone, yet we was wrong. Not a singular object was blank as a marketplace people collected all of my things and brought them to me in a clinic.

This movement of theirs overwhelmed my heart. It gave me a opposite opinion to life in Lagos and Lagosians in general. Not everybody we come opposite should be treated with disregard only since someone we know or yourself has had a bad or nauseous knowledge in a hands of a really few inhabitants of Lagos. My story is explanation that many Lagosians are  people with a heart full of adore and care.
This is a opinion that a suggestion of Lagos we assume is perplexing to preach. we see a aphorism of theirs that says, ‘change your thinking’. If all your thoughts has been soured by a assumptions we have made, it is time to dump those thoughts and inform yourself of whatever disregard we reason opposite Lagos.

I did discuss in my Wish List Vs Shopping List, that Christmas is a time to love, caring and heal. we can already smell Christmas with a trees being set adult and a markets removing undiluted gradually. we attended a sales of Bvlgari Man in Black, and we should see a extraordinary spin out of people picking bottles of a incense and other fragrances of a code that ought to put a grin on a face of their desired ones this season. But amidst all a goodies for your desired ones, make a foreigner out there smile. The women in a marketplace put a grin on a face of my relatives and I, by creation certain that they saw to it that we was good taken caring of. Let your Christmas be a time for we to widen out your hands and assistance others that have no one to assistance them.

What good practice have we had with a people of Lagos?

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She is a author and a blogger who loves to network with other desirous immature people who trust in a future. She is also an fan for volunteering generally for village growth works. Follow her on Instagram @oma26 and her blog, sociotectonic.blogspot.com.



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