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OMG! Lady Gaga Is Engaged…

Proof that even a many weird among us can find someone to love; Lady Gaga has announced her rendezvous and imminent matrimony to actor Taylor Kinney.

The dual have been dating given 2011, solely for a brief separate in May 2012. They met on a set of a Gaga’s song video for ‘You and I’, that featured a dual of them in some risque shots, some of that enclosed Gaga wearing a marriage dress.

The rumours about a probable rendezvous had been issuing for a while, until Gaga reliable it on Instagram on Monday with a design of her ring finger with a ring on it. Kinney apparently popped a doubt on Valentine’s Day.

She captioned a pic of a heart made ring “He gave me his heart on Valentine’s day, and we pronounced YES!”

Gaga, of course, is one of a many individualist artists out there. Kinney is a buttress on Chicago Fire, and also seemed in 2013 classical ‘Zero Dark Thirty’

Congratulations to a happy couple….



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