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Omolara – Give Me Christmas

Returning behind to a limelight 3 years after releasing her final single ‘Lover’, Omolara presents her Christmas singular ‘Give Me Christmas’. While on a prolonged break, Omolara yet divided from a mic, was penning lyrics and scoring melodies for some of a many enjoyed strike songs that have graced a airwaves including, though not singular to songs for Asa ,Bez, Mo’ Cheddah and Praiz. Now she weaves some of her sorcery on her possess gas and in her difference “you will determine that there isn’t a improved deteriorate for grace than Christmas!” She added, “Give Me Christmas is maybe as most a ask as a thoughtfulness of my simple celebrity – we crave a elementary things; a simple things.”This masterpiece is constructed by IBK Spaceship Boy.

Omolara hopes this will move a grin on a face of anyone who listens, she pronounced “If during all possible, provide this strain a approach we provide other critical things around you, be grateful for what we have got now though design larger things in 2015”.






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