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Poe – Slow It Down ft Funbi (Prod. Ikon)

New Poe Music! This strain right here creates me happy, this is how i like strain served.

Poe teamed adult with Funbi and Ikon to broach Slow It Down.

A small some-more coherence from Poe and i see him going places.

“Just after dual weeks from releasing a remix of his strike and nominated singular ‘Ko Ye Won’Poe drops a new single, ‘Slow It Down’ which is a seamless alloy of highlife, palm booze strain and hip-hop. Brilliantly crafted by Syndik8 heavyweight producer, Ikon, it adheres to no rules, relocating openly between harmonic guitar riffs and complicated percussions with beauty and fluidity. The strain facilities Funbi, who facilely and beautifully delivers a hook, imploring us to ‘take it slow’ and listen

Considering a events that have faced Nigeria, and Africa as a whole this past year, this summary could not come during a improved time. ‘Slow It Down’ encourages us all to cruise a some-more counsel gait of life and to conclude a beguiling nonetheless fleeting moments that are mostly mislaid in a daily ‘hustle and bustle’ Although, really opposite from his prior singles, we see Poe broach his singular code of witty, enchanting and suggestive lyrics, that ideally complements a song’s sensuous low-pitched composition. ‘Slow It Down’ will positively interest to strain lovers of all generations.”

DOWNLOAD: Poe – Slow It Down ft Funbi (Prod. Ikon)

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