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Policeman tortures man, mother in Lagos

A 29-year-old photographer, Ejeh Smith, and his wife, Grace, 26, are in heedfulness and receiving diagnosis during a Lagos sanatorium after a military officer, identified as Dada Ogunsanya, allegedly tortured them with his rifle.

Ogunsanya is trustworthy to a Ikoyi Police Division.

The occurrence happened during a Lekki Roundabout on Wednesday, final week, while a integrate was in a cab en track to their home during Parkview Estate.

PUNCH Metro learnt that a military officer was among a seven-man team, patrolling a area around 10pm.

The military group was pronounced to have stopped a cab motorist and demanded that he non-stop his foot for a slight check.

The cab driver, Ndubuisi Iheaka, told a match that after he non-stop his foot that contained scaffolding belts, a policeman demanded to see his pushing licence.

“I was about removing a pushing looseness when he started flashing his torchlight on my passengers who were sitting during a back.

“The mother told a officer not to peep a flame on them given a middle light of a car was on.

“Because of what she said, a policeman asked them to come down from a cab. This started an argument. The subsequent thing we saw was that a policeman pulled my newcomer (Ejeh) by his trousers, and his mother went to beg with him to stop.

“But instead, he slapped her and punched her husband. He was wearing a ring, that inflicted a low cut on Ejeh’s face. After that, he used a boundary of his gun to strike him in his eye and face. He also dragged his mother on a road.”

Grace pronounced a policeman, detached from slapping her, stepped on her tummy.

“If we was profound that night, we would have mislaid my pregnancy. we was usually perplexing to pet him to leave my father given he did not have business with us. we told him to face a cab motorist and leave us alone. “The other policemen were only looking during him while he dragged me on a ground. A male roving a tricycle during a time was a one who discovered me. He pronounced a policemen contingency call their Divisional Police Officer or else he would not leave a scene,” she said.

The Ikoyi DPO, Mrs. Aisha Haruna, was pronounced to have arrived during a scene.

Ejeh claimed he could hardly see since blood was drizzling from his eyes, while his mother was queasiness blood. He combined that a DPO systematic that they be taken to a hire to make statements.

He said, “But we told her that we indispensable to initial provide ourselves before we could make statements. That was when we were given forms and referred to a Falomo Police Hospital. We paid for a diagnosis and we also went to a eye hospital for treatment.”

His mother claimed that a DPO seized her phone and asked an examiner during a hire to undo all a cinema and video recording she did of a incident.

“Even my personal information were deleted. And when we asked a DPO because she did that, she pronounced we deserved a diagnosis we got. She pronounced she would have sealed us adult in a dungeon if not for a injuries. She pronounced we did not know how to talk,” she added.

The family counsel of a victims, Mr. Sunday Agbinya, pronounced his bureau would write a petition to a Inspector General of Police to calibrate a wrong finished to his clients.

“This is a box of attack occasioning mistreat and we intend to plea it. We will send a petition to a IG. We wish a military to control a full review into this,” he said.

The authorised officer of a non-governmental organisation, Project Alert on Violence Against Women, Mr. Ben Odeh, pronounced a military officer obliged for a act should be trained for torturing a couple.

He said, “It is a crack of their inherent rights. The policeman went too far.”

The Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Kenneth Nwosu, reliable a incident.

He said, “Yes, a occurrence happened in a Ikoyi division.Inquiries are on as good as disciplinary procedures.”




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