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Ronaldo Is Worth €149m

Cristiano Ronaldo is value €149 million according to a investigate carried out by a organisation of researchers during a Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV).

This figure has been arrived during by a comparison between Ronaldo and identical players such as Luis Suárez, Gareth Bale and Diego Costa.

The investigate in doubt deliberate a series of factors, including age, statistical measures such as goals scored, assists and yellow/red cards, and value judgements on intangibles such as care skills.

As good as comparing a above-mentioned factors, a investigate took into comment a send fees any actor ordered in their new moves: Real Madrid coughed adult €91m to constraint Bale from Tottenham, Chelsea paid €38m to pointer Costa from Atlético de Madrid and Barcelona shelled out €81m to land Suárez from Liverpool.

Ronaldo had a best goals-per-game ratio of a lot, a second best assists total (behind Bale) and a third misfortune disciplinary record.

The academics concerned trust that their methodology can be practical in a send marketplace to calculate how most sold players are value and therefore brand a best-value targets in a given position.

Fans of Spanish football, a Premier League and a dual Manchester rivals might be meddlesome to know that a associated investigate rated David Silva during €33.5m and Juan Mata during €24m.



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