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Wow! This Man spent $150k to demeanour like Kim Kardashian (Photos)

A Kim Kardashian super-fan has spent £100,000 on medicine and engineer garments in an try to demeanour like his existence star icon.

23 year aged Jordan James Parke has had 50 lip-filling operations, eyebrow tattoos, Botox injections in several areas and undergone laser hair removal.After saying her on existence uncover Keeping Up With The Kardashians a few years ago, he embarked on his crazy crusade.

“I adore all about Kim. She’s a many beautiful lady ever. Her skin is perfect, her hair, all about her,” “I’m dependant to lip-fillers. The bigger, a better. I’ve never felt improved about myself. we giggle when people try to insult me by revelation me we demeanour cosmetic or fake. Do they consider I’m going for a healthy look? If we was, I’d ask for my income back.”

According to Uk Mirror, He also underwent a ‘vampire facial’ – Kim K’s favourite cosmetic procession that a Mirror’s Clemmie Moodie attempted out for herself – during a cold £450.

The blood-curdling operation sees blood taken from a physique and injected into a face in hundreds of places.Jordan has spend £60k kitting himself out with engineer rigging from Prada, Chanel and Louis Vuitton

 I can simply spend thousands in one outing and I’m a fiend for shopping online. A few weeks ago, we systematic a £3,000 Prada bag afterwards totally forgot about it. we didn’t know what it was until we non-stop it.”

He also drinks in a VIP areas of nightclubs and booze bars, with rappers’ favourite champagne Cristal his elite booze – during £185 a bottle.

“My demeanour is all about a startle factor. we adore all a courtesy and a stares we get in a street. we acquire a hatred — it only means some-more attention. And if anything, it only spurs me on to get some-more work done.



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