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Yobo’s Agent Denies South Africa Links

Joseph Yobo’s deputy says there is no possibility of a former Nigeria skipper branch out in South Africa’s Premier Soccer League.

Chiedozie Nwabueze has changed fast to finish conjecture that a former Everton and Fenerbahce defender is on a approach to South Africa, observant that PSL clubs would never be means to means his wages.

“It’s absurd to hear that. Name one South African bar that can be means to means his wages? The story is not loyal and we consternation where they got it from,” Nwabueze told a SL10 website.

“Yobo is not happy with a story since it’s 100 per cent false. He never discussed anything like that with any bar in South Africa or anybody else; conjunction did he intend to buy a residence in South Africa with a perspective of settling down there.

“What does he wish to do with a pronounced house? It’s loyal he wants to finish his career on a high though really not in South Africa. After all, how most are they prepared to offer him?’

“If that is a box it would have been improved for him to play for a second multiplication bar in Turkey than going to play for a initial multiplication bar in South Africa or even come behind home to play for Sharks for giveaway as good as conduct his business in Lagos and Abuja. we consider a news is insulting.”

Nwabueze went on to supplement that Yobo has perceived offers from Europe and America, as good as Asia, with China or Qatar suspicion to be clever possibilities.



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